Dr. Fernando Palacios

PhD. in Ethnomusicology and Master's degree in Hispano-American musical heritage. Currently is studying a second PhD. in Sound Art. He has published books and articles related to traditional music and designed and implemented musical, audio-visual and sound art works. In addition, he ventures into the field of community based music therapy and the management of cultural projects with a social emphasis. His academic activities as lecturer and researcher are combined with the creative and performative side.

As an associated researcher at Center for World Music, University of Hildesheim is developing two projects:

  • Und Du? Playing with sounds, an invitation to explore with traditional musical instruments. A sound-creative workshop, with a selection of different musical instruments, to be implemented with vulnerable social groups.
  • What moves us? conversations with ethnomusicologists, a film where fifteen scholars from all over the world share their reflections and experiences about the field.