Das Center for World Music schafft Zugänge zu Forschung und Teilhabe an Wissensproduktion. Das Forschungzentrum richtet mit nationalen und internationalen Partner*innen Konferenzen, Round Tables und Symposien aus, um an musikethnologischen Diskursen teilzunehmen und sie mitzugestalten.


Vergangene Konferenzen

Widening Aesthetic Discourse - Postcolonial and Global Perspectives

Online Roundtable Discussions

Oct 29th, Nov 19th, Dec 03rd 2020, 4 - 6pm (Central European Winter Time)
Please contact GRK2477(at)uni-hildesheim.de for participation

DFG Research Training Group “Aesthetic Practice”, DFG Koselleck Project “Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective”, Center for World Music


Over the past decades, postcolonial and global perspectives have significantly widened and re-arranged aesthetic discourses. Cultural and philosophical theory is trying to keep pace with aesthetic practices, that have ceased to obey Eurocentric constrictions long ago. Thereby, a postcolonial view carries the potential not only for a re-reading of the history of aesthetic practices. It also brings the political dimension of aesthetic practice and theory of aesthetics in the present to the fore. Based on postcolonial perspectivation, different layers and aspects of globalized discourses on art and aesthetics can be made accessible in novel ways.
These questions are addressed from different angles in three online roundtable discussions: Michaela Ott and Ivo Ritzer will discuss “dividuation” and “composite cultures” from the point of view of Africa-focused media studies. Monica Juneja and Christian Utz will talk about the possibility of a global history and historiography of visual arts and music. Simon Gikandi and Ruth Sonderegger will engage in an intellectual exchange on the connectedness of colonialism and the emergence of aesthetic discourses in 17th- and 18th-century Europe.

Oct 29th: Postkoloniale Konstellationen in den zeitgenössischen Künsten und der Ästhetik / Postcolonial constellations in contemporary arts and aesthetics

Invited Guests: Michaela Ott (Professor of Aesthetic Theories, Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) and Ivo Ritzer (Junior Professor of Media in Africa, University of Bayreuth)

Nov 19th: Globalization of art history and music history in the course of the 20th century

Invited Guests: Monica Juneja (Professor of Global Art History, University of Heidelberg) and Christian Utz (Professor of Music Theory / Music Analysis at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz)

Dec 3rd: Colonialism and aesthetics

Invited Guests: Simon Gikandi (Robert Schirmer Professor of English, Princeton University) and Ruth Sonderegger (Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetic Theory, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)


In cooperation with DFG Research Training Group “Aesthetic Practice”, DFG Koselleck Project “Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective”