Histories of Philosophy and Thought in the Japanese Language

Die Herausgeber*innen

Leon Krings is a member of the research project “Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective” at Hildesheim University, Germany, where he is also working on a PhD thesis on the phenomenology of embodiment in the context of Japanese philosophy, with a focus on the training of embodiment patterns (型 kata). He is editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Japanese Philosophy (EJJP) and member of the board of directors of the European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP). His other research interests include intercultural philosophy, the later work of Nishida Kitarō, philosophy as a form of life (Lebensform), as well as relational, processual, and non-substantialist modes of thought. His latest publication is the collected volume Transitions: Crossing Boundaries in Japanese Philosophy (co-edited with Francesca Greco and Yukiko Kuwayama, 2021).

Yoko Arisaka is currently a member of the research project, “Histories of Philosophy in a Global Perspective” at Hildesheim University, Germany. She has received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of California, Riverside (1996). She was Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at the University of San Francisco (1996–2007) as well as Graduate Faculty at the Center for the Pacific Rim (now Center for Asia Pacific Studies). Since 2005 she lives in Hannover, Germany. She has been a Fellow at the Forschungsinstitut für Philosopohie Hannover (2009–2011), and since 2010 she has been an adjunct faculty at the Institute of Philosophy at the University of Hildesheim, Germany. Her areas of interest include Japanese philosophy (especially Nishida Kitarō), political philosophy, philosophy of race, and feminism. Her publications include: Prophetischer Pragmatismus: Eine Einführung in das Denken von Cornel West (Introduction to the Thought of Cornel West), Jürgen Manemann, Yoko Arisaka, Volker Drell, Anna Maria Hauk, eds., München/Paderborn: Fink 2012. Kitaro Nishida in der Philosophie des 20. Jahrhunderts (Kitarō Nishida in the Philosophy of the 20th Century), Rolf Elberfeld and Yoko Arisaka, eds. Freiburg/München: Alber 2014. Tetsugaku Companion to Kitarō Nishida. Hisao Matsumaru, Yoko Arisaka, Lucy Schultz, eds. Cham: Springer 2022.

KATŌ Tetsuri 加藤哲理 is a professor at the Faculty of Law, Nagoya University. He received his Ph. D. at Kyoto University in 2010, with a thesis on the political philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer. His current research interest lies in the methodological consideration of political thought, especially in the field of comparative political theory, which he pursues through an intercultural dialogue between Western philosophical trends trying to overcome the limits of European philosophy, and the traditions of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Shintoism in East Asia and Japan. He is now seeking to understand political thought as a “way” of life that is grounded on the unity of heaven and earth and integrates mind and body through practice.