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Patricia Kahle, Catharina Ludolphy, Horst Kierdorf, Uwe Kierdorf (2018):
Dental anomalies and lesions in Eastern Atlantic harbor seals, Phoca vitulina vitulina (Carnivora, Phocidae), from the German North Sea.
PLoS ONE 13(10): e0204079
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Jasmin M. Kizilirmak, Violetta Serger, Judith Kehl, Michael Öllinger, Kristian Folta-Schoofs and Alan Richardson-Klavehn (2018):
Feelings-of-Warmth Increase More Abruptly for Verbal Riddles Solved With in Contrast to Without Aha! Experience.
Front. Psychol., 13 August 2018

Nicolas Kurpiers, Teresa Rovelli, Christin Bormann, Tim Vogler (2018):
Effects of a Slashpipe Training Intervention on Postural Control Compared to Conventional Barbell Power Fitness.
Int J Sports Exerc Med 4:088.  

Markus Germar, Amira Sultan, Juliane Kaminski, Andreas Mojzisch (2018):
Dogs (Canis familiaris) stick to what they have learned rather than conform to their conspecifics’ behavior.
PLoS ONE 13(3): e0194808..

Stephanie Stiegel, Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras (2018):
Environment vs. Plant Ontogeny: Arthropod Herbivory Patterns on European Beech Leaves along the Vertical Gradient of Temperate Forests in Central Germany.
Insects 2018, 9(1), 9.

Lena M.Reibelt, Torsten Richter, Antje Rendigs, Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras (2017):
Malagasy Conservationists and Environmental Educators: Life Paths into Conservation.
Sustainability, 9(2), 227.

Uwe Kierdorf, Karl V. Miller, Stefan Flohr, Santiago Gomez, Horst Kierdorf (2017):
Multipleosteochondromas of the antlers and cranium in a free-ranging white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus).
PLOS ONE 12(3), March 15, 2017

Cathleen Kappes, Berit Streubel, Kezia L. Droste , Kristian Folta-Schoofs (2017):
Linking the Positivity Effect in Attention with Affective Outcomes: Age Group Differences and the Role of Arousal.
Front. Psychol., 30 October 2017

Julia Tabea Treitler, Tim Drissen, Robin Stadtmann, Stefan Zerbe, Jasmin Mantilla-Contreras (2017):
Complementing endozoochorous seed dispersal patterns by donkeys and goats in a semi-natural island ecosystem.
BMC Ecology 2017 17:42