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Interventions on the Protection and Promotion of Artistic Freedom


The ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE program at the University of Hildesheim and CoCulture e.V., a Berlin-based non-profit cultural organization, invite artists based in Germany to apply with artworks, performances, workshops or any kind of artistic intervention for the event FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONS – Interventions on the protection and promotion of Artistic Freedom taking place as part of the Long Night of Ideas organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 6th in Berlin.FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONS aims to give artists of diverse backgrounds a voice on the subject of freedom of artistic expression. Freedom of artistic expression is restricted worldwide as artists of various origins are threatened and persecuted. In a mix of debates, exhibited artworks and performances, we will discuss and address these topics and bring it closer to the public.

Taking place in four rooms of Haus Ungarn (Berlin Alexanderplatz) from 6pm to 12pm on June 6th, this event is dedicated to the topics „ARTS; RIGHTS; JUSTICE and HOW FREE IS FREE?“

Each artistic contribution:

  • Will be remunerated with a total of 360,- € (incl. VAT)
  • Will be provided with a small amount for production costs
  • Accommodation and travel (within Germany) will be covered

How to apply?

Interested artists based in Germany are kindly asked to send their application to by May 1, 2019 including:

  • A short letter of motivation (max. 1 page) stating which topic would be preferred for an artistic contribution
  • A concept of the artistic contribution and a sketch of production costs and procedures needed for its realization (max. 2 pages)
  • A short overview of artistic works and experience

Deadline for submission is May 1, 2019

* * * * *

Artists from all backgrounds are invited to propose an artwork or artistic intervention according to one of these topics:

The ARTS room (approx. 80 m2) focuses on cases of violation of artistic freedom of expression in different regions of the world. Contextualizing freedom of artistic expression regarding current political trends such as cynism, nationalism and neo-fascism, we will give an overview of different forms of censorship and persecution; actors of censorship; and the impact of censorship on artists, cultural producers and workers.

The RIGHTS room (approx. 30 m2) analyzes some of the different formats and legal structures aiming to protect freedom of artistic expression and artists at risk, on international, regional and national levels; differentiating between international and civil law, for example.

The JUSTICE room (approx. 30 m2) explores the different formats, experiences, findings and challenges of mechanisms and practices available to and/or used by artists at risk and those who protect and defend them.


HOW FREE IS FREE?The HOW FREE IS FREE room (approx. 80 m2) is addressed to the active participation of the public. Visitors to The Long Night of Ideas will be invited to question their own meanings and limits of Freedom of Artistic Expression. How do we censor our own Freedom of Expression, e.g. also when living in Germany?

We are looking forward to your applications.

Kind regards,
The team
of Arts Rights Justice & CoCulture e.V.