Dear friends and partners,

We are happy to announce the launch of the ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE (ARJ) LIBRARY today, on the Day of International Dialogue and Cultural Diversity and with it the first three ARJ studies on ‚ARTS. Protecting and Promoting Artistic Freedom‘, ‚RIGHTS. Legal Frameworks for Artistic Freedom‘ and ‚JUSTICE. Opportunities and Challenges for Artistic Freedom‘.

ARJ Library

The ARJ LIBRARY is a digital open access platform that seeks to secure and make available a selection of the most relevant publications in the areas of arts, freedom of artistic expression, human rights and global justice. The LIBRARY seeks to continually grow its number of publications, and to make these documents available to the wider global society of artist practitioners, cultural managers, human rights defenders, lawyers and researchers. The goal is to eventually host all documents on the database of the University of Hildesheim and to provide worldwide access via the ARJ LIBRARY website.

For now, feel free to scroll through our LIBRARY and the first uploaded documents. Please note that we have only started collecting all relevant documents. Further documents will be added continually throughout the next months.

If you have any documents that could be included in the LIBRARY, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to include your ideas.

All the best

The ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE team – University of Hildesheim



The ARJ OBSERVATORY forms the basis of the ARJ PROGRAM. It will provide access to knowledge, undertake research and give new insights into the sector of freedom of artistic expression and the protection of artists at risk. One component of the ARJ OBSERVATORY is the ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE LIBRARY, which provides a worldwide freely accessible digital library with the most relevant publications on arts freedom and artists protection. This will be supplemented by three studies which will form the initial basis for the ARJ OBSERVATORY. Further studies are planned to be requested.