The ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE LIBRARY is a freely accessible collection of the most relevant documents about freedom of artistic expression and related topics. The LIBRARY includes toolkits and training material, documents about legal frameworks and advocacy, as well as reports related to arts, rights and justice. The documents are collected by following the recommendations of experts and individuals. They are securely hosted on the database Hildata of the University of Hildesheim and are made accessible as part of the ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE Programme. The University of Hildesheim is not following any commercial interest with building and providing the LIBRARY. The documents are hosted and re-published in their original version. The creation of the ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE LIBRARY was inspired by the archive of the formerly New York-based NGO freeDimensional. The ARJ Library is an activity of the UNESCO Chair in Cultural Policy for Arts in Development.


We are aware that our selection of languages may create barriers for some readers. Because of limited resources, most publications in the ARTS RIGHTS JUSTICE LIBRARY are in English. Nevertheless, we are very open to receiving, hosting and publishing documents in other languages. The goal is to gradually increase the number of languages used in the LIBRARY.

Get involved

If you have documents related to the topic of freedom of artistic expression or have published such documents yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us here. (please use the form or send directly to: gad at uni-hildesheim.de)